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Welcome to the Interactive Mapping Tool!

The interactive map shows Significant Natural Resources in Washington County’s urban unincorporated area identified through our inventory update. The map shows two types of natural resources: Riparian habitat (blue) and upland wildlife habitat (oranges). Some properties have both types of habitats.

Properties with Significant Natural Resources are outlined in red. In some cases, the natural resource is located on only a portion of a property. 

  • To look at a specific property, enter the address or tax lot number in the ‘Find address or place' bar at the top left corner of the screen, near the legend.
  • Once you find the property, click/tap on it to see Significant Natural Resource areas.
  • Not looking for a specific address? Drag the map. Zoom in or out or pinch open or closed to take a closer look at general areas.
  • Leave a comment or ask a question using the form.